About Us

Mr. Pumesh Baheti is a well-qualified and experienced valuer having more than 25 years of experience in the Valuation industry & is also supported by experienced team of professionals with positive approach to provide expert and professional services with due care of professional ethics.

We are having our office at INDORE with the network of experienced professionals pan INDIA & the object is to provide services for the rising need of quality valuation services, along with Chartered Engineer Certification & Commercial Arbitration.

Having more than 25 years of experience in valuation industry and delivering valuation opinion, with the object to provide services for the rising need of quality valuation services, valuation experts recognizes that valuation is not a simple exercise of numbers.

We spend time working to understand the dynamics of the subject and its key value drivers. We draw on extensive experience and apply relevant valuation methodologies as suggested by IVSC, along with our deep sector knowledge and benchmarking analysis to offer value-added advice.

We provide the valuations, require to meet increasingly rigorous and changing Indian Regulatory, Legal, Audit, and Corporates demands. Our aim is to contribute to business success by creating agreement around “FAIR MARKET VALUE” to guide business strategy, reduce conflict, and provide objective, trustworthy, value conclusions in timely manner.

Our core specialized area in the valuation is for asset class Land & Building, but we are having associations with other experienced professionals so as to cater the valuation of other tangible assets like Plant & Machinery as well as Valuation of Intangible Assets like Business Valuation, Purchase Price Allocation (in Acquisition), Goodwill, Swap Ratio, Brand, Patent, Trade Mark etc. with the same excellence & confidence.


To render quality & timely professional services with HONESTY, INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE & CONFIDENTIALITY.


To establish a single roof platform for all the professional needs with an objective to participate in the growth of nation & recognition of the VALUATION profession.


To abide by the professional ethics, professional code of conduct, moral responsibility towards the nation & restrain from any misconduct.

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